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The association of the diagnostics equipment manufacturers "SPECTR-GROUP" is established: to coordinate scientific, industrial and commercial activities of its members; to work out the general philosophy of development of diagnostic and other types of activities; to provide protection of rights; to present the interests of its members in state and international organizations as well as to expand international relationships of its members. Association "SPECTR-GROUP" on June 15 2001 was registered at the Moscow Registration Chamber.

RII-MSIA “Spectrum”

NIIIN is one of the world leaders in the field of NDT and technical diagnostic means development. Its general goal is to design diagnostic means that will maintain safety in technogenic, social-economic, ecological and other spheres.

LLC “Pipeline Control Service”

Limited Society “Pipeline Control Service” (OOO “TKS” or “Truboprovody Kontrol' Service” — abbreviation in Russian) provides maintenance services, repair and modernization of X-ray Crawlers, X-ray generators and other diagnostic means.

Limited Society “Joint-Venture “SEBA SPEKTRUM”

JV “Seba Spektrum” was established in 1990. The main area of activity is development and production of mobile diagnostic laboratories for inspection of underground communications such as: water supply pipelines, heat supply lines, sewer systems, electrical cables and IT lines.

The firm provides training of personnel at specially equipped sites and on the Client's communication testing ground as well as warranty and post warranty services of sold diagnostic equipment.


Tourist firm “Limited Society (OOO — abbreviation in Russian) “PHLEGREAN TOUR SERVICE (P.T.S.)” provides booking and selling of airway tickets, hotel reservation, visa obtaining support, transfers, etc. It provides arrangement and participation in the International Conferences and workshops, assists to the employees in their holidays' arrangements.

Limited Society “SPECTRUM ideal tour”

Limited society (ООО — abbreviation in Russian) “Spectrum ideal tour” was established in 1997 by ZAO MSIA “Spectrum”. The main area of activity is to provide services to the “SPECTR-GRUPP” branches and to other corporative Clients in the field of tourism and business trips.

Limited Society “Spectrum AV”

Limited Society (ООО — abbreviation in Russian) “Spectrum AV” was established in 1999 by ZAO MSIA “Spectrum”. The main area of activity is booking and selling of air tickets for domestic and international flights of different air companies, as well as providing services for the “SPECTR-GRUPP” branches in the field of tourism and business trips.


The main company activity is technical diagnostics and expertise of industrial safety of the pipelines and other equipment in nuclear, heat energy, oil, gas and petrochemical industry.

Limited Society “INTERUNIS”

“INTERUNIS” was created in 1988 on the base of the Centre of surfaces and vacuum study at the State Committee of the USSR for Standardization and Metrology (GOSSTANDART) as a company-creator of equipment for non-destructive testing and automation means of industrial facilities.

Open Joint-Stock Company “Avtogaz”

Open Joint-Stock Company “Avtogaz” (OAO — abbreviation in Russian) was established in 1991 by Limited Society “Gazprom”. From the moment of creation the company has been working and developing successfully in the market of non-destructive testing and alternative types of fuel.

Limited Joint Stock Company “Industry-Service”

JSC “Industry.Service” is a official representative in Russia and the CIS coutries of:

YXLON International X-Ray GmbH,
FEINFOCUS GmbH (Germany) that is included in the structure of the company COMET AG (Switzerland),
ELY Chemical Co. Ltd
JUTEC Biegesysteme GmbH


The leader in the field of thermal non-destructive testing.

It is established on May 29, 1989 on the basis of the Society on Introduction of Advanced Technologies.

Scientific and Production Center of Nondestructive Testing “Echo+”

Scientific and Production Center of Nondestructive Testing “Echo+” was established in 1990 by a team of skilled specialists in the field of physics and ultrasonic engineering and ultrasonic flaw detection.

Scientific and Production Enterprise (SPE) “VIGOR”

Scientific and Production Enterprise (SPE) “VIGOR” (established in 1993) is a leading organization in the RF on development, manufacture and introduction of high-speed self-contained means for inspection of rails of a track.

“Diagnostika-M” Ltd

It is established in 1992. The firm specializes in development and manufacture of X-ray emitters, X-ray image intensifiers, and various types of detectors of ionizing radiation, of a digital tomography systems.


Company “AKA-GEO” was established in 2000 with the purpose of development and manufacturing of devices designed for searching and diagnostic of pipeline systems.

Limited Society “Flash Electronics”

Limited Society “Flash Electronics” is created in 1993.

All the equipment is certificated. The accuracy of the applied engineering solutions, the high consumer qualities of the equipment have been confirmed by its sales. At present more than 1200 units of X-ray equipment have been delivered for various organizations.

“VibraSpectrum” Ltd

The company “VibraSpectrum” is involved in research, development and production of high technology instruments for vibration measurements. The main business direction of the company is vibration monitoring and protection of machinery in different fields.

“Acoustic Control Systems” Ltd

The Scientific-Industrial Company “Acoustic Control Systems” (АCS) was organized in 1991.

The basic scientifics direction of activity of company ACS are researches in the field of acoustic methods of non-destructive testing of various materials with the purpose of creation of the equipment for the control of products from metals, plastic, composites, an artificial and natural stone, and also creation the measuring equipment using the liquid or air acoustic channel.


LLC NPP «SPEKTR-RESURS» deals with designing of equipment and instruments for aviation industry. It performs works on installation and maintenance of retransmitting stations.

ZAO “Spectrum Engineering”

Closed JSC (ZAO — abbreviation in Russian) “Spectrum Engineering” is one of the leading firms in the field of introduction of new vibration NDT technologies developed for inspection of power-mechanical equipment at the industrial enterprises.

“Spectrum NDT”

Limited Society (ООО – abbreviation in Russian) “Spectrum NDT” was established in 1990 by ZAO MSIA “Spectrum” and company “JME Ltd.” (UK). It provides sales, services and modernization of “JME Ltd.” X-ray Crawlers, as well as promote and sale on markets of Russia and CIS of various NDT instruments from other UK companies.

“SpectrAp” Ltd

Limited Society (ООО — abbreviation in Russian) “SpectrAp” was established in 1991. The founders of the firm are: MSIA “Spectrum” and French company “Apelem”.

The Venture was registered on the 12th July 1993 by Moscow Registration Chamber. The OOO “SpectrAp” is specialized on development, production and sales of some types of medical equipment.

CJS “Moscow Scientific Industrial Association “Spectrum”

MSIA “SPECTRUM” was set up by the USSR Instruments Making Ministry in 1975, and since 1992 it became the joint.stock company of closed type or closed JSC (i.e. the shareholders are the employees of the company). In Russian the name of the company sounds like ZAO “MNPO “SPEKTR”.

CJS “Research Institute of Introscopy of MSIA “Spectrum”

Research Institute of Introscopy (RII — abbreviation in Russian) was founded on May 6, 1964 by the Decree of the USSR Government to solve the tasks of metal structures' flaw detection and airspace equipment technical diagnostics.

«EnergoMontagzh International»

Design and production of radioisotope flaw detectors and auxiliary equipment for defectoscopy. Gamma-sources. Constructions' test equipment. Equipment upgrade, repair and maintenance services.

LLC «Komdiagnostika»

LLC «Komdiagnostika» operates at the Russian market for more than 8 years and currently is one of the leading designers and suppliers of monitoring and diagnostic systems for rotary and piston machines.


“MNPO “SPEKTR” Ltd. was founded in 1990 and is an official representative of the company JME Ltd (United Kingdom).


Scientific-Production Center of anti-terrorist and forensic equipment (SPC Spektr-AT LLC) has developed from a specialized department of the Research Institute of Introscopy of Moscow Scientific-Industrial Association “Spectrum”.


«Tvema» has been in the market for railway transport since 1991. Our company is the main supplier of equipment for the nondestructive testing of railway lines in Russia and neighbor foreign countries. The development of the methods of flaw detection and other science intensive production is in the sphere of our activity.

LLC «Publishing House «Spektr»

Publishing House specializes in publication of technical (scientific, educational, production, reference, popular-scientific) literature.

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